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July 19, 2017
Onebook Website Design
October 6, 2016


Brand and Web Design
Velocity Bikes is a small boutique electric bike hire in Hawkes Bay, NZ. The idea of Vélocity was conceived out of a fond appreciation for the Moustache E-bike brand. After finding it hard to buy, let alone rent a Moustache bike in New Zealand, my client decided it was a perfect side gig for his accommodation business. Now, his bikes have legs and his side gig is growing into something of it's own. What with over 200km of bike trails in Hawkes Bay, and the amazing seaside wine tours, why would you rent a analogue bike when you can rent a pedal assisted bike to help you along the way?

Responsive Website Design

While all of my website are mobile friendly, I paid special attention to how user friendly velocity bikes website was on mobile. Knowing most visitors to the website would be on the move, eager to rent a bike, we wanted to make it fast and painless to rent. Taking payments and bookings on the website was paramount. The look and feel of the website is very fun and energetic, like the bikes. The bikes are bold and classy in design, but pack some electric kick! Clean font, bold colour and fun textures make this website stand out from the competition.

Logo Design and Photography

The Logo design needed to be simple yet trendy. A logo design that's versatile and could be used on all platforms and remain cohesive. We wanted to rely on photography for graphics rather than digital design. Between the beautiful Hawkes Bay landscapes and the beautifully designed bikes we got some amazing shots.